28 Awesome Pinterest Resources for Local Business

Day 5 – 5 Days of Pinterest

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This is Day Five of my 5 Days of Pinterest. You can find the other days here: One, Two, Three, Four (Parts One, Two, Three).

I could spend weeks covering more tips, tricks and strategies for using Pinterest within your business, but I just don’t have the time. You can go to google and type in “Pinterest for Business” and you can find hundreds of articles and ebooks. I have included a few additional resources below (in no particular order). My best advice however, is to not spend too much time learning about it from others, but jump in and test it for yourself, or hire a company like Local Business Kahuna to run a campaign for you.

Pinterest is valuable, don’t miss your window by spending too much longer learning about how it can be part of your marketing program, and MAKE it part of your marketing program.

Strategies for Local Business

1) 10 Strategies for Best Practices – This is a great overview process for setting up a Pinterest campaign.

2) 9 Businesses using Pinterest Contests – Social Media Examiner, like always, gives us amazing information about using contests within Pinterest.

3) 26 Tips for using Pinterest for Business – Another classic from the Social Media Examiner

4) Pinterest on Pinterest – Pinnablebusiness.com has put together an incredible listing of Pinterest resources.

5) Pinterest for Business – A great Slideshare Presentation from Greg Puoy

6) 10 Commandments for using Pinterest for Business – Super set of guidelines from Amy Poterfield’s site

7) Donna Moritz’s site, Socially Sorted – I recommend pretty well all of her posts!

8) 56 Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest – Beth Hayden and the folks at Copyblogger have put together a fantastic Pinterest list

9) Using Instagram and Pinterest to Promote a Small Business – From Smart Insights

10) 21 Unexpected Ways to Use Pinterest – From Marketing Land

Tools and Automation

11) Repinly – A tool that gives you a Pinterest score based on your contributions, and gives you a pulse on all the activity happening on Pinterest

12) Pinstamatic – A tool that allows you to capture almost anything and create a stylish pin image from it. It has a very classy interface

13) Curalate – A cool Pinterest analytics tool

14) PinReach – Pinterest trends, analytics and influencers

15) Pinfluencer – Pinterest analytics

16) Pingraphy – Schedule your Pins


17) Social Media Examiner – Non-technical ways to Audit your Pinterest Campaign

18)  Using Pinterest for SEO – Search Engine Journal

19) Visual.ly – A source of inspiration and images you can use on Pinterest

20) Power of Pinning – Pinterest for Business training program from Melanie Duncan* If you don’t want to read, why not learn it through a comprehensive video program?

Similar Products

21) Loveit.com – There is some significant traction happening with this product. Maybe I will be doing a series on Loveit if it is significant.

22) Fab.com – An ever growing commercial version of Pinterest. Discovery, but on purpose!

23) TheFancy.com – Another pinterest type discovery site, with a crowdsourced sales program. Interesting!

24) Polyvore.com – A visually rich site that allows you to create collages of items. Highly fashion based.

25) Stamped.com – Not necessarily a Pinterest knock-off, but has a huge “discovery” element. Very cool site. I think we will see it tie into Online Reputation at some point (you heard it here folks!)

26) HipSwap – Sort of the eBay version of Pinterest.

27) GentileMint – The manly version of Pinterest.

28)  Ooomf – the app and app maker discovery site, in true Pinterest style

* Disclaimer – I am both a student and an affiliate for Melanie Duncan’s Power of Pinning program. If you purchase her course through my link, I may earn a commission, Thank you for that!

If you have questions about Pinterest or other Social Media platforms, if a link has expired, or would like to set up a consultation, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Please call, use the Voicemail tool below, or the contact form.

I wish you great success with Pinterest.


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