8 Reasons Why Pinterest is Important to Your Business

Day Two: 5 Days of Pinterest

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Continuing my 5 Days of Pinterest series, we saw What Pinterest was, and a bit about why Business should jump on board. But now I would like to discuss eight reasons why Pinterest is Important to Your Business.

There should be no doubt that Pinterest is BIG, WILD and GROWING faster than anyone could have imagined. It would be easy to say that it is just a fad, and ignore it, like many people did with Facebook when it first came out (okay, so did I).

Pinterest evangelists are of another mind though. There are just too many reasons to be interested and get involved. Sure, its different and its not traditional as far as traditional marketing, or even the “new” marketing is concerned. But these too are not good reasons to let our hands ride.

Let’s examine eight (8) reasons why your business could not only benefit, but actually prosper from Pinterest. That is a pretty bold statement, but I will be sharing some critical case studies throughout this 5 Days of Pinterest series, that will hopefully make a believer out of you. Here are eight reasons right now:

1. Pinterest represents, what a very powerful demographic, is both interested in, and moving on.

As in any form of Internet Marketing, the key is to understand our audience, provide a solution to their problem, and provide a compeling reason why they should purchase. What makes this task easier is when we have sites like eBay, Amazon, Google Insights and Trends, Overstock, and many others, who give us a glimpse into what people are actually searching for.

There is no doubt about it, this data is powerful, and if you know how to both interpret it, and act on it, you can be very successful.

Pinterest is different. It is not as much a search engine, as it is a discovery site. That is fundamental here. And I have to give credit to Melanie Duncan of Power of Pinning, who really helped me solidify the power of that difference in my own mind. If its not hitting you yet, give it time to sink in!

Picture this, its like you are in the middle of a vast crowd, and they are sharing with you and everyone else what DELIGHTS them. What they want to do in the future, or buy in the future.

Sure, you would be cast out of Pinterest if you approached each person directly and said, “I saw you were interested in motorcycles, do you want to buy this one I am an affiliate for through eBay Motors?”. It takes a lot more work and class than that! But we will discuss that later.

2. Its New

I realize that sounds a bit cliche, but the fact that it is new, and you will be on top of the wave, can make a big impact. Pinterest has a whole new group of consumers that in some cases have not been the ones searching for products on Google, Amazon and Bing. They are simply responding to their passions, and as I mentioned it before, they discover things. That can be incredibly powerful.

If you present your product or service in a non-threatening, genuine, classy way, this group of consumers may discover YOU.

3. You can be Very Focussed and Precise

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pinterest allows you to be precise in your presentation. If you distribute, manufacture or service a specific type of wrist watch, a picture of the watch, and a group of pictures with the watch in positive situations could be the type of introduction you need to sell your watch. Whereas with SEM, you would have to publish content all over the web, back link, and tweet about this type of watch in order to get the traffic you need to get conversions.

When you DISCOVER a group that is passionate, or even obsessed with a product like yours, you are then, as I put it, “scooping up traffic, where the traffic IS“, not inviting the traffic to you. Mack Michaels of The Millionaire Society, is an expert at finding sources of traffic and getting right into the middle of it. Essentially, scooping it up.

4. It can Easily go Viral

Again, unlike Youtube, Stumbleupon or Facebook, it is much easier to build up a huge following for your pins. And on top of that, there can be significant “platform cross-pollination” as I like to put it. You can post to Facebook, blogs and other microblogging sites, and have it all accessed through Pinterest. Maybe a different image for each platform. It keeps it fresh and if it resonates with someone, it can really take off.

With Youtube, or Facebook, in order for you to get huge viral traction, you often have to produce a video or image that you may not be proud of, or will have to compromise your company’s integrity to post. That is just not an option!

I will discuss the process of combining strategies to make simple images into leads in future posts during the 5 Days of Pinterest

5. Explosive Growth

I have touched on this a few times but didn’t come straight out and address it. Take a cue from the big companies. They are falling over themselves to get into Pinterest. Often times, big companies will approach things that are on fire, with a Super fire hose, and although the reap some reward for their efforts, they are not as effective. But they see a significant opportunity and jump on it.

This kind of growth is hard to ignore, even for you that think that Pinterest is just a fad. Ginny Soskey of Shareaholic.com said:

“Over the past few months, Pinterest traffic has been especially hot. Since May, Pinterest traffic has more than doubled in size. Its growth is even more pertinent when comparing it to organic traffic: Since January, Google, Yahoo and Bing organic traffic has decreased by 15.63% on average.”

Source: Shareaholic.com September 6, 2012

If you jump into Pinterest and a year down the road it goes the way of some online communities and tools, you will have only lost a really great tool, and you can say “I told you so” to me if you want. But ignoring it, is ignoring opportunity, and none of us can afford that these days.

6. You can GO to where the Traffic Already is.

Traffic is a precious thing. In the Internet Marketing world we refer to some traffic as “targeted”, where we are trying to pinpoint the precise people who are searching for our precise item/service/tool/app etc. This process works. Its getting harder, but it still works. It takes a system, commitment and consistency.

With Pinterest, as I mentioned earlier, people are already telling you what is important. The demographic is predominately 18-40 year olds. The ages go in both directions, but the bulk of this population is 18-40 year old women.

Does this mean that you can’t sale your table saws, pool tables and beer fridges? Heck no! Have you seen what 18-40 year old women are pinning, commenting on and setting as their goals? If you haven’t then it demonstrates my point. Pinterest is where the traffic is. If you play nice, you can learn a lot about your consumer, and understand what motivates them. Its powerful. Its huge.

7. Pinterest Can Make You More Discoverable

I talk to local businesses a lot about being DISCOVERABLE. This is where the online world is going. Consumers want to discover you when they are out shopping, eating or going to a movie. They want to discover you online, and on television. What they don’t want is for you to throw your product advertising at them with ferocity.

Pinterest is one of those safe places where outlandish, loud ads are not tolerated. If you want to sell that watch. Show people how it works, how cool it looks on someone, and how it can make them feel. Let the consumer do the rest. Let them discover you in Pinterest.

8. Your Competition is There, or Will be Soon!

If after all of the previous points, you still do not buy into a business presence on Pinterest, then well, that’s okay. Don’t jump in. But, your competition is probably already there, or will be soon. And my apologies, but I might be the one helping them get there….wink!

Take Pinterest for a test drive. Go onto Pinterest and search on your specific keywords. For example, if you offer plumbing services in Dallas, what would you find? Think that it is not something that would be there?

KEYWORD = “Plumbers in Dallas”

You would find these guys:

Plumbers in Dallas Example


Pinterest is a fun site. The community views it as a fun site, but it doesn’t mean that we can not show the world what our businesses have to offer. If this is resonating with you, and you would like to set up a Social Media campaign, let me know and we can discuss your requirements and goals.

And if you are a Plumber in Dallas, I can show you how to move those other guys over. Let’s get this started.

Businesses need the help!

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